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Wahu Zoom Ball

Zoom Ball is a fun, high speed game for two- players

Grab a friend and get ready to Zip It to Rip It with Wahu Zoom Ball! This easy to use, fast-action game for two players will get kids outside having fun and exercising while developing skills like balance, bilateral coordination, hand-eye coordination, and strength! Pull the handles to send the ball zooming over to your partner, and try not to let it hit your handles when it’s sent back! Challenge your teammate by varying the arm movements, standing on one foot, or kneeling down, and see how long you can last as the ball Zoooooms back and forth! Includes 1 Wahu Zoom Ball with 2 Sets of Handles – Ball length is 7″ (17.8cm). For 2 players, ages 8 and up.

  • Pull the handles away from you to try and get the ball to hit your opponent’s handles
  • Zip it to rip it, Zoom Ball really does fly super fast
  • Play with Zoom Ball in your garden, in the park or on the beach! It’s great outdoor fun for the whole family
  • This fast action item will get kids outside having fun and exercising

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