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We Are Vivid Goliath

In 2018, Goliath Games acquired UK based, market leading toy company Vivid Toy Group creating Vivid Goliath; a culmination of a rich heritage in the toy and games industry, combining the entrepreneurial spirit of Vivid Toy Group  with the family-centered values of Goliath Games. With a commitment to inspiring young minds and fostering quality family time, we endeavor to create products that transcend imagination and bring people together.

Since 1980, Goliath Games has upheld its motto “Clever Together!” and has consistently delivered toys and games that promote child development, critical thinking, social skills, and curiosity. Our iconic brands, including Floor is Lava, Sequence, Tri-Ominos®, Pop the Pig®, Doggie Doo™, Gooey Looey™ and more, have become timeless classics that span generations and encourage exploration. The Vivid Goliath Group develop, manufacture and distribute toys and games for all ages and stages from Infants through to preschooler, tweens, teens, family and adult.  Ranges include leading Arts and Crafts brand Crayola along with plush, collectibles and role play toys as well as strategy, family and action games. 

At Vivid Goliath, we prioritize the quality and safety of our products, ensuring that every item undergoes rigorous testing and assessment to meet or exceed industry standards. We are committed to ethical manufacturing practices, partnering with factories that adhere to high standards of labour conditions, as certified by the IETP (ICTI) Ethical Toy Program.

Global Presence & Sustainability

Moreover, we are dedicated to environmental sustainability, striving to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce unnecessary packaging wherever possible. Our efforts extend globally, with a presence in over 75 countries and offices across Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Oceania. From our headquarters in the Netherlands to our North American division in Richardson, TX, and has enjoyed substantial growth with the acquisitions of Pressman Toy®, JAX®, and Tucker in the US, Wahu®, Crown & Andrews® and Colorific in Australia.  

Clever Together, Goliath continues to innovate, inspire, and connect communities around the world.



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