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The Floor is Lava Family Edition

You better watch out because the floor is lavaaa!

We’ve all played some variation of The Floor is Lava. You imagine the floor is Hot Lava and hop from cushion to couch to table across the room to stay off the floor. NOW, with The Floor is Lava game, the furniture gets a break! In this bumper Family Edition of the original game, there are more tiles, more challenges and an incredible 10 different ways to play.

  • Get ready to put your balance to the test in this action-packed, Family Edition of The Floor is Lava!
  • Ramp up the fun with more tiles, challenges, and ways to play for the whole family to get up off the couch and on their feet
  • Develops creativity and imagination while players jump from tile to tile avoiding the volcanic floor below
  • Includes  38 stones (foam tiles), 6 all-new obstacles to avoid, 100 challenges, 1 spinner, and 10 ways to play!
  • The Floor is Lava Family Edition can be played with 3 or more players and is recommended for ages 5 and up

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