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Sky Dancers Turquoise Twinkle

Pull on the string and watch me fly!

Watch the skyline, look out cause it’s magic time! A flutter, a flurry, a sparkle of light, watch as the beautiful Sky Dancers are taking flight. Turquoise Twinkle dances, glides and flies through the sky.

She can use her wonderful healing power to help everyone in the Kingdom. Pull the string on the decorated launch base and watch as Turquoise Twinkle flies into the air again and again.

  • Watch as your Sky Dancer takes on a dazzling dance through mid-air and flies right before your eyes.
  • Pull her magical string, and her pretty wings spin round and around.
  • Inspired by the hit 90’s toy sensation
  • No batteries required.
  • Sky Dancers won Best Doll Toy in Mumsnet Christmas Toys

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