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Rainbow Pirates

Rummy-style card game that’s great for adults and kids alike!

Get ready to set sail on the high seas with Rainbow Pirates – a rummy-style card game that’s great for kids and adults! Build your pirate paradise by playing sets and rainbow sequences while attacking your opponents with – you guessed it – pirates! But don’t be fooled – these pirates are easily swayed by hilariously named defenses like Me Time, Cupcakes, or Glitter Rain. Have nothing to offer them? Then suffer their dastardly wrath! With a wide range of strategy involved, you can be cunning and careful or throw caution to the wind like a true scallywag. Includes 120 Game Cards and Complete Instructions. Recommended for 2-5 Mateys, ages 7 and up.

  • Rummy-style card game that’s great for adults and kids alike!
  • Use your cards to build sets and runs of whimsically drawn illustrations into your very own pirate paradise
  • Hilariously named defenses can be used to block other players’ pirates from wreaking havoc on your island
  • Be the first player to complete two full rainbows and discard your entire hand to win!
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