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Ice Cream Meltdown

Ice Cream Slime that really melts!

Here’s the scoop! This ice cream cone is melting fast! The first player to place all their toppings in the ice cream slime and add the cherry wins! But watch out for that fly – yuck! When the ice cream starts to drip, you gotta be quick! Includes Gameboard to protect surfaces, 1 Spinner and Spinner Arrow, 18 Slime Charms, 1 Ice Cream Cone, 1 Cone Stand, 1 Ice Cream Slime in Resealable Container, and Complete Instructions. Recommended for 2-4 players, ages 4 and up.

  • The ice cream parlour has never been so fun with Ice Cream Meltdown!
  • Ice Cream Slime that really melts!
  • Be the first to get all your treats on the ice cream cone before it melts!
  • Land on a fly and it goes in the ice cream instead of your sprinkle.
  • Win the game by adding your sprinkles and finishing with the cherry on top!
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