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Fire Tower

A fast-paced, fiercely competitive strategy game

Harness the power of fire and wind in this easy-to-learn strategy game – beautifully illustrated with vibrant watercolors to create a highly tactile experience. Take on the role of nature with the power of fire, wind, and water as you use fire tokens to spread a raging fire across the board. Skillfully deploy the cards in your hand to gain tactical advantage and keep your tower safe from the flames. With ever-shifting environmental factors, players are forced to switch up their tactics and experiment with varied strategies. Gameplay is easy-to-learn but difficult to master since each play through feels like a fresh experience. Includes 1 Quad-Fold Game Board, 135 Plastic Fire Gems, 1 Printed Cloth Gem Bag, 24 Wooden Firebreak Tokens, 1 Wooden Flame Meeple, 1 Custom Marbleized Eight-Sided Wind Die, 60 Bridge-Sized Cards, 1 Weathervane Card, 3 Tower Ablaze Cards, and Complete Instructions. Recommended for 2-4 players, ages 14 and up.

  • Get ready to fight fire with fire in this fast-paced, fiercely competitive strategy game
  • Protect your fire tower from a rapidly spreading forest fire while setting your opponents’ towers ablaze
  • Use cards to dispatch smokejumpers and fire engines to combat the blaze and construct firebreaks to fortify your defenses
  • Deluxe components include 135 glimmering fire gems, custom wooden meeples, and an engraved wind die
  • Features vibrant artwork by fine artist Kevin Ruelle that enhances play with vivid colors to create a fully immersive game play experience
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