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Animagic Ziki & Zoko Gorillas

Interactive Mum & Baby Gorilla Plushes with Programmed Sounds and Movements

You’ll go bananas for Ziki & Zoko, an adorable Gorilla duo who love being together! Animagic’s newest little family will interact with each other & you. Mum, Ziki will make sounds when she hugs her baby. Looking after a baby is hungry work, and Ziki loves being fed a tasty banana. Watch as Ziki magically closes her eyes as you interact with her. Ziki knows when her baby has been taken away, and will sing happily when reunited. What’s better than one Gorilla…? Two!

  • Two super-cute Gorillas to play & interact with.
  • Ziki loves to talk & sing to her baby, Zoko.
  • Includes banana accessory for fun feeding time!
  • Ziki & Zoko have super soft fur.
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years

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