A New Saber In the Galaxy

July 1st sees the launch of the hotly anticipated Power Saber; an industry breaker in the saber market. Power Saber is the world’s first fully auto extending & retracting saber. With motion based SFX, flash on clash & in an in-hilt LED, this saber delivers the most realistic experience possible. Power Saber allows kids and adults alike to live their saber fantasies with very own working fully auto extendable and retractable saber. 

Extend the saber to 35’’/90cm and get ready for battle! After battle, the Power Saber can be displayed on the included stand or carried around with the belt clip. This saber is suitable for kids aged 6+ and recommended for any fan. Available in red & green, choose your side! 

Look out for the most state-of-the-art saber on the market, you might have seen our teasers on our social media channels, but now it’s time to see all of the out of this world features. Watch out for Saber enthusiast Carly King trying out Power Saber, along with many more of your favorite influencers to be trying out the groundbreaking saber features. 

If you’ve somehow missed our reveal, then never fear as we will be having a feature at San Diego Comic Con where creators and fans can experience the Power Saber with likeminded Saber fans! The world unites when the Saber ignites….​

Find Power Saber at Menkind now!


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