How to Play The Traitors


A game is played across 4 rounds, each round has 4 phases: MISSION – BANISHMENT – ARMOURY – MURDER. The 2 players who have the most gold in their treasure chest after 4 rounds will compete in the End Game, the final test of treachery to decide who wins the gold in the prize pot


Each player receives a blindfold, a voting sheet, stand, 1 gold bar, 3 gold pieces, and a gameplay overview card. A pen and paper will be needed for selected challenges (not included). Place the game board with the dagger attached in the centre of the table. Each player chooses a section on the board and places all their gold on their chest. Shuffle the reward cards and place them by the board along with the remaining gold to create a Bank.


Select the number of role cards to match the number of players, then remove one which will be replaced by the Traitor role card. The Traitor role card is located at the top of each of the included 6 adventures, choose the adventure you wish to play and remove the Traitor role card without reading it, now add the Traitor role card to the other role cards and shuffle them before dealing each player a role card. Do not shuffle the remaining adventure cards, place them assignment text facing up, with the reward cards and gold. Altogether, turn over your cards to read your role and then place the card face down in front of you. If you are the Traitor DO NOT READ THE CARD NOW as you may give yourself away to the other players. Now onto to the game!


Missions are played by all players with the goal being to win gold for the collective prize pot. During each mission, the Traitor must perform their secret assignment. The Traitor judges themselves if their assignment is completed allowing them to murder a player later in the game. One player reads aloud the mission, all players including the Traitor put on their blindfold. Play some music or players can bang their hands on the table to create a distraction so the Traitor can secretly read their assignment. Now start the mission, if successfully completed add the gold to the prize pot on the board.


Players all discuss who/why they think another player is the Traitor, then vote by writing a player’s name on their voting sheet. Players reveal one by one for whom they have voted and why. The player who receives the most votes is banished but does not leave the game. Instead, they must return 2 gold pieces to the bank. If there is a draw, the tied players must each return 1 gold piece to the bank.


One player reads aloud the assignment. Players conduct the assignment; the winner receives a reward card.
• Shield: Use if you get murdered. You do not need to reveal to other players that you have a shield. Discard after use.
• Dagger: Use during a banishment round of your choice. Tick the box behind the name. If they are the Traitor, you receive 2 extra gold pieces. You do not need to reveal to other players that you have a dagger. Discard after use.
• 1 or 2 gold piece cards: Add the gold to your chest. Discard after use.


All players including the Traitor put on their blindfold. Play some music or players can bang their hands on the table to create a distraction. The Traitor points the dagger at the player they wish to murder. This can include themselves. If they do not wish to murder a player or did not complete their secret assignment during the mission, point the dagger to NO MURDER. Players check to see who has been murdered. If the player has a shield reward card use it now. If they do not have a shield they are murdered. The murdered player does not leave the game. Instead, they must return 2 gold pieces to the bank, and they are not eligible to vote at the next banishment. Repeat phases 1 – 4 four times before going onto the Traitor reveal.


The player who received the most votes in the final banishment must stand up and reveal if they are Faithful or the Traitor. If you incorrectly banished a Faithful, then all players including the Traitor put on their blindfold. The Traitor points the dagger at their section on the board. All players remove their blindfold to reveal the treacherous Traitor!


Players receive 2 gold pieces each time they’ve correctly identified the Traitor. A player earns an extra 2 gold pieces for each time a dagger is used when successfully identifying the Traitor. The Traitor receives 2 gold pieces for each successful murder; however, no gold is rewarded if a shield is used to prevent a murder. The 2 players with the most gold in their chest will go on to the End Game. If there is a draw, spin the dagger. Highest number wins. Ensure you have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner.


The End Game offers both players one last opportunity to win the prize pot. Each player must write either Faithful or Traitor on the back of their voting sheet regardless of the role they played in the game. Players may confer with each other to bluff the other player. If both players write Faithful, both players win and share the prize pot. 1 x Traitor, 1 x Faithful, the Traitor wins and gets all the prize pot. If both players write Traitor, the player in third place wins and gets the prize pot.


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